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Visuality is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Copenhagen. Visuality Group Denmark ApS will be based in Copenhagen providing research, design and activation services throughout the Nordic markets.
The Danish Business will be run by Jan Kristensen, who joins Visuality from Republica, Denmark’s leading retail agency, where he was retail activation director.

  • Jan explains the thinking behind the move:
    “I have worked closely with Visuality since 2004, when we conducted our first joint project looking at shopper behaviour in the Scandinavian Breakfast Cereals market for Kellogg’s. Visuality’s expertise in shopper is widely respected here and insights derived from working with Visuality have directed many shopper and brand activation programmes for my clients. We have talked about working together for many years. The time now appears to be right.”

  • Group Managing Director, Tony Nunan goes on:
    “By combining Visuality’s understanding of design and shopper behaviour with Jan’s considerable experience in retail and brand activation, we can offer client’s in Denmark and surrounding markets a comprehensive suite of marketing services supporting our promise to help our clients win at point of purchase. But it’s a two-way street. We fully expect to learn from Jan and introduce his experience and expertise to our UK clients. Looking forward, our ambition is to become the only European agency offering design, communication and brand / retail activation based on a genuine insight into shopper behaviour.”

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