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Cutting Edge Technology
Razor sharp insight

Technology that lets you see yourself, through your customer's eyes

Advances in technology means we have access to increasingly sophisticated research techniques providing a wealth of data on what customers actually see and how they actually behave, in store. Eye Tracking, CCTV analysis, and Facial Analysis Software can all be used to generate a depth of understanding and insight unavailable from other methods.

In-store filming

CCTV allows us to record actual customer behaviour accurately and unobtrusively.

Careful analysis of this video enables us to identify and measure behaviours underlying sales data. Information generated can enable us to measure and track a wide range of dynamics, from the visibility of specific brands to the ability of a display to convert shoppers into buyers. Data can be output in a range of formats, such as heat maps, that communicate key issues intuitively to different audiences.

We’ve used these techniques to evaluate category performance with clients like Diageo, and to drive Store of the Future programmes with retailers such as Tesco and Morrisons.

Tesco in-store filming


EyeTrak is Visuality’s “laboratory-based” eye tracking system. It enables us to scientifically examine respondents’ interaction with visual stimulus.

EyeTrak is relevant to pack research, POS and on-line.
Because EyeTrak provides us with precise measurements of visual engagement with stimulus, it is ideally suited to comparison of alternative executions, for example, of packaging and point-of-sale. It can measure the relative visibility of alternative pack design ideas, or enable us to pre-test different concepts for in-store activation. We can drop alternative designs into a store environment, enabling us to create highly realistic tests without the need to create expensive prototypes, or obtain store permission for a test.

Lucozade POS pre-testing

Mobile eye tracking

Mobile Eye Tracking allows us to follow the customer journey, quite literally, through the eyes of your shopper, enabling us to evaluate the effectiveness of all in-store visual communication, including packaging, POS, and pricing.

Hallmark mobile eye tracking