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  • Going Shopping For Shopper Insights


    In January 2015, Tesco boss Dave Lewis fired the starting gun on Project Reset – the retailer’s plan to simplify the shopper experience in its stores by removing 30% of the products on its...

  • From Silver Service to Gold Standard


    Channel 4’s The Hotel Inspector regularly exhorts the hapless hoteliers featured on the programme to adapt to suit the needs of their target market, only to regularly find ingrained resistance to...

  • No Substitute for Experience


    After a week at conferences and industry pow-wows, I’m back at my desk and spent lunchtime leafing through the pile of trade magazines that have built up in my absence. The Grocer as ever takes...

  • The Magical Mix of Art and Science


    2017 is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, described by Steve Jobs as a “magical device” and which has since become one of the definitive devices of Western civilisation. The...



    Visuality is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Copenhagen. Visuality Group Denmark ApS will be based in Copenhagen providing research, design and activation services throughout...

  • How can a brand stand out and build a set of brand crown jewels?


    The word ‘iconic’ is often bandied around with reference to pack design – and it is frequently overused. Genuine icon status, such as is attributable to the Coca-Colas, McDonalds, Nike and...

  • From supermarket shelf to shopping basket


    The supermarket is a warzone with thousands of brands fighting for sales.

  • Christmas suffers from diminishing returns as festive fare gets smaller


    From a lighter box of Quality Street to shrinking packets of cheese crackers, Christmas treats are being sold in ever smaller sizes